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Are you a woman gamer, or female fan of geek culture? If so, and you’d like to write for, please review ALL of the standards for review and article submission listed below.  And if you’re not female, but think you have a great idea for GA, keep reading.
Jobs: At any given time, we might have several positions available at  Any available positions will be listed on this page.

Contacting the Editor:

The Editor referred to below is our Editor-in-Chief, Cherith.  If you have questions or comments, those items should be submitted to her at the email address listed below under “Submitting Your Article/Review”.

GamingAngels accepts reviews of any game on all consoles, including computers and mobile platforms.  Reviews should be between 750 to 2000 words and should be written with proper use of grammar, punctuation and capitalization; no net/l33t speak.  If you’re going to write a review to submit at, please familiarize yourself with the current tone and writing style our Editors use, before submitting.  Reviews that have clearly not been written with our site and audience in mind will most likely be rejected.  Also, reviews for items that have already been reviewed on will be rejected.
Ratings: When you submit a review please recommend a Buy, Rent or Pass rating.

We are always looking for articles on gaming and geek culture, especially if they include a topic relevant to women.   Articles should be between 500 to 2000 words, should be original to the writer and utilize proper grammar, capitalization and punctuation.   If you’d like to write an article, but want to know more about what we might be looking for, or need an idea on how to proceed with a specific topic, feel free to email the Editor with questions or requests for more information.

Mommy Bloggers:
GamingAngels is always striving to bring new female perspectives to the site. With this in mind, we are now accepting article submissions from women that might categorize themselves as a ‘mommy blogger’. We would love to see articles that discuss mothers who game, and how they game with their children. Questions about article ideas and submissions can be emailed to the Editor.  All other article requirements will be consistent with those listed above.

Male Writers:
Male writers are welcome to submit articles or reviews that speak to a different aspect than a female based review might.  The game industry is male dominated, which is why GamingAngels strives to bring a female voice to all its topics.  However, any well written article from a male perspective dealing with gaming or pop and geek culture will be considered. All other article requirements will be consistent with those listed above.

Submitting Your Article/Review:
Once your article or review is written and ready for submission, please make sure it’s formatted in .txt or .rtf format. All articles and reviews should be submitted with the subject line: Article: [name of article] or Review: [title of Game] to  Within the body of your email, please include your username so that proper credit can be given when posting the item to you at GamingAngels.  In order for an item to be accepted, you must have a GA username.  Items Submitted and posted to other sites may be accepted after consideration by the GamingAngels Editor-in-Chief.  Once you’ve sent your email, please allow at least a week for the Editor to review.

Interested in Becoming a Staff Member?

All those interested in becoming staff member must first work through the Guest Submission process, having submitted articles or reviews in the past will be recognized.  The positions we’re currently looking to fill are listed below.  To apply, please email the Editor with the subject line: GA [position you’re applying for].

All of the positions with are volunteer positions, require multiple posts per week (exception: News Editor which requires daily posting), great writing and communication skills, and the willingness to conduct interviews with industry individuals.

Assoc. News Editor – We’re always looking for people that can help keep up with news items that need to posted to the site on a daily basis.

International Correspondents – GA is always looking for women in countries outside of the US to attend gaming events and share stories about international gaming companies and conventions.  Currently, we’d love to have people on staff located in the UK, Australia or Japan.  These positions would most likely not be full-time staff positions, but on an ad-hoc basis when coverage is needed.

Interns – GamingAngels loves to bring on interns interested in writing, journalism or the video game industry.  You can get experience writing for us and receive college/university credit for your work.  Intern position responsibilities will vary based on your major(s) but since GA staff members are located across the world, chances are good that it’s not going to include fetching coffee.